Banana Frequency: Nashville Band Session

Banana Frequency is a local Nashville band self-described as "fruit punk". These guys were a blast to work with and really allowed me to play in Photoshop with their images.

Bestfriend High School Senior Session

These two have been best friends since grade school and upon graduation decided to have their senior photos done together as well. This session was a mix of portraits of each senior, together, and family photos as well.

Brea: Middle Tennessee State Graduate

Brea and I lived together for a few years during college and she was a phenomenal personality to have in my life daily. She has gone on since graduation to become a driving force in the Spoken Word realm and performs all over the country now!

Heather: Christopher Newport Graduate

Heather and I have known each other since we were 12. Over the years she has grown into a very accomplished woman having graduated high school early, going on to earn her Bachelor's in Political Science with focuses in U.S. National Security and American Studies, followed by moving to her dream spot of Orlando. So grateful to be able to photograph such motivated clients!

Thomas: Denver Railroad District Portraits

Again, another Facebook meeting proved to create a fun session in a new city. Thomas is an actor and model, now living in California. I was so glad to get to work with him before he moved on to bigger opportunities!

MiKaila: Denver Arcade Portraits

Taking trips to Denver, Colorado has been one of my favorite for-me things to do over the years. Every time I go I work on networking with other local artists, models, and photographers. MiKaila and I were lucky enough to link up through a Facebook group. I was able to get in contact with an arcade/barcade in Denver that allowed us to use the location before official opening hours which to this day I am dying to do again.

Serene: It Smells Like Dirt Here

Serene and I have worked together many times and she is always a delight to have in front of the camera. We've photographed in stores, crowds, on the street, and yes even a cemetery. Photography was permitted at this cemetery in particular as long as no names of headstones were visible.

Maggie + Chris: 2 Pugs & A Cute Abode

Maggie and Chris were so much fun to photograph. In our phone conversation about what idea we were wanting to portray I loved their idea - they wanted to show their life as this specific time & moment. Married, cute house in East Nashville, successful careers, and two cute pugs.

Alabama in November

For Thanksgiving this past year I was lucky enough to have a friend offer to get me out of town instead of spending the holiday alone like I had assumed I would. Time was spent in Greenville, Montgomery, Fort Deposit, and Jackson Lake Island. Downtown Montgomery: One of the coolest little places I've visited is Jackson Lake Island. This location was used for filming Tim Burton's Big Fish, it was the site of the town of Spectre. $5 in a tiny envelope and a call to the owner gets you through the gate and to the island now inhabited by many goats and a few year-round residents. Montgomery (at the time I was there) had a whole two breweries. We spent longer than intended at Common Bond chatting

Marcus + Sam: Winter Gatlinburg Wedding

This one is near and dear to me. While I had never met Sam before, Marcus and I have been very good friends since we were 14. I had no idea what his wedding day would look like, but this fit him so well. It was a small close friends and family only wedding in the Smoky Mountains on a gorgeous December day. They were surrounded by those who cared for them the most and free of conflict and negativity. Well, minus Marcus locking his ring and keys inside his own car just before the ceremony 😉 Luckily someone attending offered their ring as tribute!

Kristelle + Chris: A Wedding, A Tornado, and a Power Outage

Kristelle and Chris were the most badass couple on their wedding day and here's why: a tornado ripper through the area on their wedding day which meant Kristelle jumped in a tractor to move trees herself and her husband-to-be and groomsmen jumped in a truck to do the same. The power went out just as her hair and makeup were finished. Roads were closed throughout the area, the power was out at the venue for the entirety of the wedding, and much damage was done. They shared their first dance on what would have been a very dark dance floor, but these innovative country men faced their trucks with the headlights on through the front door of the venue to give some light. Talk about a go with the

Nashville AirBnB Boudoir

This session could not have worked out better. I was lucky enough to procure a gorgeous AirBnB for this session, the owner was kind enough to allow me to rent it for a couple hours instead of the required two-day minimum. This bride-to-be's bridesmaids had thrown her a lingerie party where she ended up with so so many option for our session. For obvious reasons not all images will be shown in this blog post 😉

Nashville Bachelorette Outing

This session is one of my favorite stories. I am a member of a True Crime podcast group on Facebook, it's a rather large group of 20,000+. One of these lovely bridesmaids posted inquiring if there were any Nashville photographers in the group and I responded. A couple weeks later I'm photographing this group of ladies as a surprise for the bride! Never discount where you may meet your next client :)

Hannah + Alex: Chattanooga Fall Wedding

Hannah and Alex were married on Alex's grandmother's beautiful property just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They chose the perfect time of the year for an East Tennessee wedding - just enough fall colors, no humidity, and just chilly enough at night to have the guest gift be little fleece blankets.

Mark + Donna: Gatlinburg Wedding

Mark and Donna were an absolute delight to photograph. With a window of just 30 minutes we were able to jump in the river near in the Great Smoky Mountains area and grab some portraits following their short and sweet ceremony 💍

Makaila: Independent Jeep Lady

Makaila is one of the most accomplished and impressive women I've met. This woman is an RN and working the front lines of this pandemic. Moved across the country to Virginia, bought herself a 2020 Jeep with all the cool little things it does, and still finds time to run enough that we met at a run club. Cheers to all the badass women I know making things happen for themselves!

Steven Gilbert: The 1,400 Mile Shoot

Steven has been a dear friend for years, trusting me many times to capture images for album covers of his music. This session required a 1,400 mile trip on my end - we utilized the time to an extreme to say the least. The locations took us all over Nashville, with very specific ideas in mind because Steven has incredible forethought and planning for all over his music, a story. You can listen to his music here , it's certainly deserving of your time. #stevengilbert #musician #albumart #nashville #nashvillephotographer

Simply Filicity: Girls & Cars

Filicity is not only an accomplished alternative style model, but she's also a very talented photographer in the realm as well. This shoot was a blast out in the woods of Sparta, Tennessee with this very cool classic car provided by the owner. #suicidegirls #tattooedwomen #tennessee #tennesseephotographer

Serene: Visiting Friends & Beach Photos

Serene and I have been friends ever since sitting next to each other in Archaeology of Death class in undergrad. She was the first person to come visit me at my new home in Virginia on her trip to attend the first Something in the Water festival. Of course I had to drag her out to be photographed in the cold on the beach ;) Here are also a few out of focus 35mm film shots - thanks to wind, manual focus, and a lack of me wearing my glasses #beach #beachphotography #oceanview #norfolk #norfolkphotography #norfolkphotographer #tattoos #tattooedwomen

Donia: Boss Lady Realty

Donia is quite the boss lady in the local realty realm. She works all over the area, for multiple agencies, making people's home dreams a reality. She opened her office's doors to me on a Saturday morning in a beautifully lit white building near the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. #realtor #realtyheadshots #virginiabeach #oceanfront #virginiabeachphotography

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