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How Many Mosquito Bites Does It Take?

I'm officially going to join the train of blogging photographers...

A little over a week ago in my fit of unemployment and half a bottle through wine I decided I really needed something to occupy my time that would benefit myself and others. Styled photoshoots have always been a cool concept to me, but I've never been able to be involved in one because they've always cost $100+ to participate in. So here's the concept:

Include local MUA/Hairstylist, clothing designers, models, photographers, jewelry makers, ect. to put together shoots that mutually benefit everyone. Everyone's skill (and/or) pieces are included in the shoot, highlighted, and the photos would be shared amongst everyone to use for their businesses. Here's the kicker, I want to do it for free. This requires a lot of trust it seems, but I think as it becomes more of a community the trust will form and so will the ideas. That all being said, here is my first test styled photoshoot.

We started with the cliche "girl in a field" idea, keeping in mind that we were highlighting a local jewelry maker's pieces. (Shoutout Gypsy South TN!). Here's the final cut from that section of the shoot.

This includes a handmade bouquet by us, from this field, in an attempt to attract a butterfly (no such luck). Both ring and earrings handmade by Gypsy South TN. Modeled by the wonderful Amanda Burke. On a tangent of self-bragging, I made the preset used above just for this shoot and it has become a fast favorite. I've had this vintage chair sitting at my house that I've been dying to shoot with for over a month. This is the time we drug it out. Along with 11lbs of dry ice (to be explained later), into the woods next to an underpass in July (meaning it was 98 degrees and hence, the mosquitos). I've tried smoke bombs and have not really been a fan, plus I'd have to wait on shipping and we tend to be on the spontaneous side of setting up shoots together. So from what the Google machine told me, dry ice would be a good alternative. Here's a pro tip from an amateur dry ice person, 11lbs is not enough to really make enough smoke. The images you see with smoke, required the camera to be on a tripod and for me to blow smoke into the frame. Whatever works though right? In reference to the title of this post, the answer is 26. I have 26 mosquito bites sitting here typing this today and I thoroughly think it was worth it.

As a test shoot, I am more than happy with how it turned out. This was definitely a good place to start when planning future styled photoshoots. Much thanks to all involved: Model: Amanda Burke Dress: by Alyce, borrowed from our friend Abbey Coleman Makeup: by Amanda herself Hair: a combined effort Location: Scouted out by Amanda, she's clearly pulling the team

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