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Global Dance Fest 2017 Denver, CO

For the last nearly three years I have been covering music festivals for online publications. The last three I have claimed "would be my last," but clearly not, so here's roughly my 26th. Global Dance Festival, Denver, CO. Here's a link to the coverage for Mind Equals Blown. Global Dance has been held at the notorious Red Rocks for the fast few years. However, this year it was decided to move to the massive parking lot outside of Bronco Stadium (Sports Authority Field at Mile High) and what an amazing choice that was. While Red Rocks is fantastic, it proved very difficult to navigate multiple stages. At Sports Authority Global Dance was able to host one main stage, two side stages, and three silent disco's. Here are the photos from the two day event! Day 1:

Day 2:

Feel free to share and save there photos, just make sure to credit please! :)

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