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Kyle Austin Davis at The Country // Nashville, TN

I am forever making Facebook posts advertising my work in the hopes of reaching new clients. One of those new clients happened to be Kyle Austin Davis, I have to admit, when a keyboardist contacted me for live photos I was unsure of how it was going to go. I expected a seated man with most likely slower songs. Kyle is everything but those things.

At this particular show artists were allowed three songs, and Kyle killed all of them. I've never seen so much energy in a keyboardist. He had no chair, two sets of keys, and a very detachable mic. The Country is also a venue I'd never been to located in West End. It's owned by an incredible local woman that has some big name credits as well as Dolly Parton featured on HER last album. Below are the final shots, lots of black and white due to the magenta and lime green colored lights.

Please please go see this guy if you can. He's a phenomenal singer/songwriter new to the Nashville area from Texas.

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