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Tori + Zach Riceville, TN

This is a blog post I've been very excited to write. I've known both Tori and Zach since high school; I believe we met around 6 years ago. We graduated together, all went to the University of Tennessee together (I left after a year), I roomed with Tori, photographed their engagement photos then was lucky enough to be hired to photograph their wedding. The University of Tennessee is important for the rest of this post. Zach and Tori LOVE UT as well as pretty much the entire family. So much so that the wedding colors were UT orange and teal, a football with the garter was thrown, the exit was orange and grey pom poms, and even Rocky Top was played. Go Vols.

These two are the true high school sweethearts and more importantly, relationship goals. I don't think I've ever seen a more successful, caring, and supportive relationship between two people our age besides this couple. Their wedding was at a little church in Riceville, TN which is located in East Tennessee. Tori got ready in the children's room in the basement of the church. This definitely allowed for some interesting shots, but many I decided to make black and white due to lighting. Lots of fluorescent, lots of tungsten. Also Tori and Zach only had two bridesmaids/groomsmen, a change of pace from many weddings happening lately and in my opinion, for the better! Here are some shots from the getting ready of the bride.

My wonderful second shooter Cadie caught the guys getting ready:

Also details on details!

Zach and Tori didn't do a first look, but they did hold hands and have a prayer with their closest family. This was an extremely touching and personal moment for all involved, and something very special to witness. I am honored to have been able to photograph it.

The venue was a moderately difficult location with the lighting it provided being all fluorescent and tungsten, but there were absolutely stunning stained glass windows! I'll include some ceremony photos and post-ceremony, but I'll leave out the group shots for the most part because those are more personal to the family.

Following the ceremony and groups photographs we took off in the August heat for the couple's portraits. The venue's location proved difficult for finding pretty areas to photograph on, but luckily I remembered the venue had a gazebo and had googled unique ways of photographing using a gazebo. Also if you can't tell from the photos, Zach and Tori are nearly 12 inches different in height! They're real pros at taking direction though so here's what I got!

The venue didn't allow drinking or dancing, welcome to weddings in the south. However, they were able to sneak in a first dance and father-daughter dance! Instead of the typical garter toss, Zach threw a football that had the UT garter around it. Zach and Tori were introduced into the reception to the sound of Rocky Top blaring, UT's unofficial anthem. Also, look at that cake!

These guys had my favorite exit so far, the orange and grey pom noms definitely made it feel like Zach and Tori were running up the T on the field at Neyland Stadium.

A HUGE congrats to Zach and Tori! A huge thanks to Tori's wonderful parents Tim and Missy for being so extra helpful and keeping me informed! The biggest thanks to Cadie Davis, my incredible second shooter

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