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Homeward Bound

I've moved around quite a bit in my young life. I'm originally from/born Suffolk, Virginia. I then moved to Portsmouth, but also spent lots of time in Norfolk where my grandfather lived. Following his death I have been taking trips to his home and visiting in the area while the house is still in the possession of the family. I was finally able to take more than two days and spent a week in the area this past October. Here are some shots and stories of the trip. Day 1: A trip to Hampton for the best breakfast/brunch in the area I promise you. Mango Mangeaux is absolutely incredible and one of the newer additions helping bring the area some more life. The rest of the streets look like the other photos unfortunately, abandoned and left behind. We then took a trip to the Virginia Beach strip. Which in October is mostly closed, but still well worth the exploration. There's a sick place called Seaside Raw Bar, we made some pretty cool friends there. Jon bought a Drake hoodie he was pretty excited about.

Day 2: Lazy morning day 2, but out into the night. The friends we made at Seaside helped get your girl into a show at a long-lived venue, Shakas for the Like Pacific, Seaway, and Four Years Strong show. Also, what a killer painting on the back of the buildings on the strip. Great venue, cool hangs.

Day 3: We had breakfast at this cute diner not even a mile away...4 times. Wonderful staff and great by-the-ocean food. I then took a trip to put fresh flowers on my grandparents' graves. A trip I hadn't made in years, followed by a trip to their house that still sits empty. Along the way I came upon the abandoned house all by itself with a single wire attached, reminding me how easy it is to detach yourself. Then to grandma's house, a house with a no trespassing sign, a tire swing, and the brick steps I scraped my knees on as a child. Still empty. Still standing. I decided to explore downtown a little, in the town I grew up in but had not yet really seen as an adult. It was a strange insight.

Following this strange day, Jon and I had all you can eat sushi in Ghent, also incredible. I had a Blue Ninja. This wall was right outside. I took a Polaroid for Jon for when he's gone.

Day 4: Day 4 was my 23rd birthday. We started with breakfast at the Ocean View Fishing Pier, the longest free standing fishing pier in North America at 1,690 feet long. Just wanted to brag a little. I had a drink called a Shark Bite, bourbon glazed steak bites, hush puppies, and a broiled crab cake sandwich. Bazan and I took a walk to the beach. Then not pictured because I finally left my camera home for an event. we went to Seaside Raw Bar again, Albie's Pizza, and fulfilling my childhood dream, went to a show at Peabody's.

Day 5: TRIGGER WARNING: these images contain blood, fish bait, fishing, and deceased fish. Day two we were both exhausted from running arounds for days. We had breakfast at the Ocean View Fishing Pier again, so good. Then spent a few hours hanging out on the pier and Jon humoring me while I photographed a few men fishing. It turned into a small photo story. Here were four men, long-time friends that had driven from North Carolina to fish and had only been catching sting rays and skates. They didn't mind though, one man had brought his son ("The next generation,") and they were all so content cutting up and enjoying the weather.

Day 6: I only ended up with three images from day 6. One from the Ocean View Diner of my victory of finishing a crossword puzzle. Two from The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, a place I had taken many childhood field trips too. Later that day my dad arrived from Tennessee and the three of us had two pounds of steamed shrimp. Each.

Day 7: On day 7 my dad and I took a very important trip to Hanover, Maryland just above Washington D.C., to pick up my grandfather's ashes. This would be our final road trip together, me, my dad, and grandfather together. It was a four hour trek there and another four hours back. When we arrived back in Norfolk I felt the day would properly be ended by seeing the sunset over some water so Jon, Bazan, and I took a trip to the closest marina to photograph. All of us then took grandpa's 1977 Pontiac Grande Prix to dinner. This was an incredibly important day in my life and I'm glad it ended the way it did.

Day 8: The eighth day was all travel, arriving home and unpacking, to go back to my day job the next morning. Please keeping hiring me so I can take important journeys such as this one.

For insight purposes: here are some 90's photos my grandfather took of me and some photos I took of him, and as well as one of his older photos.

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