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How Many Mosquito Bites Does It Take?

July 15, 2017

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Jenny From The Block // The Blocks of Wisconsin

June 17, 2018

      Paige is not your average model by any means. She's the front woman of Nashville-local Visionary Artist Phenix. I know, "if she's a Nashville local, what about the title mentioning Wisconsin?". You'd never guess it, but this girl was born and raised in Wisconsin. With immense diversity in her music, fashion, and interests Paige is surprising at every turn. That all being said, we had the idea of photographing at a basketball court. Then we decided on a tennis court instead. Then as Paige was about to to get the outfits ready more arrived in the mail. We ended up choosing a striped almost running suit. We felt this would match well with the lines of the Tennis Court. 








        We started with some up-close headshots, then moved to full-length poses, all standing. Then I decided it'd be cool to attempt some of the new photo trends of these images with lengthy low-angle shots. An athletic type shoot seemed the perfect opportunity.