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Bronwyn: Spooky Season Queen

I, like most photographers, love the creativity the fall season allows for spooky themed sessions. I have wanted to work with Enola Gaye smoke grenades for years, as well as put together a spooky shoot, and everything came together in my head when I put the perfect model, Bronwyn in it.

This was her first experience in front of a camera and I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with her. When we arrived on site she pointed out a decaying animal in the waterbed next to us and without question laid on the ground above it, because how could we pass up natural death for a season themed around it.

She was down in the cattails and battling direct sunlight to the eyes, but never complained once. AKA - a dream model.

She handled having a smoking explosive in her hand with absolute grace. Meanwhile one little four-wheeler drove by and I was the one that panicked!


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