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Washington D.C. in Under 24 Hours

I was recently able to make a short trip to the nations capitol for less than 24 hours (life happens, trips get cut short, that's how it goes). Here are some of my favorites from the travels!

I was also able to get a short indoor peek at Bluejacket's tap room (currently closed for the virus). Never had I seen a three-floor brewery - I would be more than excited to visit again when things return to a semblance of normalcy.

I was advised to visit what seems to be a D.C. survival tale - Bardo Brewing. We arrived to an open gate, parking, but not a soul in sight. I really think I could have poured myself a beer no problem, and am glad I didn't considering what info I learned later that day about the brewery. Technically this place is open and functioning, just simply not in the middle of a Friday it seems.

To cap of the wildness of D.C. traffic a stop at Aslin Beer Co was much deserved.


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