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Krispy Kreame Magic

Turning "ugly" locations into beautiful ones is trending big time right now. I'm dying to try a Hobby Lobby/Michael's/Lowe's session at some point. To start though, I used a dingy title cash place and lot by a local favorite, Krispy Kreame. My wonderful model pictured is Chase, you'll be seeing plenty of Chase.

With some color-shifting and adjustments I was able to come up with this saturated palette. Here's some of the exact changes I made to the hue of the colors in the location.

The change is pretty obvious in this side-by-side. Playing with the colors that are already there has a been a great way for me to branch out in my personal work. I had kind of hit a wall on the creativity end and felt I really needed to be taking my work in another direction to avoid a hiatus. Color shifting and overall editing has made a big difference in not only my work, but how I've been choosing locations. Here are some more shots from the session!

BUT The big BUT, I didn't want to deviate so far from my normal style that I pushed away those that have been following my work for a while (love you guys btw). Black and white photography has been my one true love since I began back in high school photographing with black and white film. There's nothing like the contrast in a black and white image, and especially in a black and white image from film. Here's how I'm keep my work tied together.

I won't share my secret settings of my black and whites, but I will share some before and afters!

Thanks for reading and questions on methods and technique are always welcomed as well as critique!

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