Rolling with the Punches

This past week was the Tennessee State Fair was in town in Nashville, held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. I've been really wanting to photograph boxing, mma, or anything really in the fighting realm. Through wonderful people I was able to come out and photograph D and Company, the ring girls! Owner and operator Dilsia Alfaro is a killer business woman offering ring girls for fights in Tennessee and surrounding areas. I was able to photograph weigh in and three fights, while focused on photographing these great ring girls. Here are the photos from the weigh in: Night two was fight night. This was my first experience photographing anything involving a fight. I got myself acquainted with

Your Soul Must Fly EP Release in Nashville

September 8th, 2017 Rocketown Nashville, TN Derek Minor is currently one of the biggest names in Christian hip hop. He has spent years building an empire for himself, his family, his friends and fans, and most importantly, God. He Reflection Music Group, was Reach Records, a member of 116, and has held the #1 spot on Billboard Christian Chart. Your Soul Must Fly is Minor's first follow up to Reflection which came out in 2016. As of 2014 Minor has no longer been signed to a label and has taken the self-made route. By no surprise he has been blowing the competition away. Your Soul Must Fly is the first EP into a transition phase with Derek's music. Here are the images from the EP release

Tori + Zach Riceville, TN

This is a blog post I've been very excited to write. I've known both Tori and Zach since high school; I believe we met around 6 years ago. We graduated together, all went to the University of Tennessee together (I left after a year), I roomed with Tori, photographed their engagement photos then was lucky enough to be hired to photograph their wedding. The University of Tennessee is important for the rest of this post. Zach and Tori LOVE UT as well as pretty much the entire family. So much so that the wedding colors were UT orange and teal, a football with the garter was thrown, the exit was orange and grey pom poms, and even Rocky Top was played. Go Vols. These two are the true high school

The Dark Side of the Moon

Well I'm very late to the game on this post so I apologize, about 10 days late to be exact. Which would make the timeliness of this rather irrelevant, but I wanted to make a post about it anyway. August 21, 2017, a nearly once in a lifetime opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to work the day of the eclipse so my day went a little like this: Work at 6;30am. Serving customers starting at 6;45am. Serving a never-ending stream of people all the way up until about 1:30pm when the place suddenly cleared out and all of my coworkers and I were able to view the eclipse. We patiently waiting, glasses in hand. I had not been able to purchase a filter so I only intended on photographing those watching,

Kyle Austin Davis at The Country // Nashville, TN

I am forever making Facebook posts advertising my work in the hopes of reaching new clients. One of those new clients happened to be Kyle Austin Davis, I have to admit, when a keyboardist contacted me for live photos I was unsure of how it was going to go. I expected a seated man with most likely slower songs. Kyle is everything but those things. At this particular show artists were allowed three songs, and Kyle killed all of them. I've never seen so much energy in a keyboardist. He had no chair, two sets of keys, and a very detachable mic. The Country is also a venue I'd never been to located in West End. It's owned by an incredible local woman that has some big name credits as well as Doll

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