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J Sixty: Dirty South Rap Artist Session

J Sixty A.k.a Joz, is an up and coming local rap artist in Nashville, TN. He's spent years honing his craft, writing, recording, and focusing on his goals. Summer of 2018 he'll be debuting music he has spent years writing. In addition to music, Sixty has also written two novels and is currently working on his third. He wanted to have his session in downtown Nashville, in some of the most dirty looking locations we could find. We started on the pedestrian bridge, Nashville's best view and to show that this is his city.

Next we kept walking and stopped at one of the many construction sites downtown, this one in particular on 2nd Avenue. Can never pass up the opportunity for striking poses in front of a Warning sign!

We kept walking, Joz had some alleys in mind. Not to give away a secret spot, but behind a pretty well known bar on Broadway is an alley of abandoned bar things. I was a huge fan of the many pastel bar stools.

With the last outfit we decided to catch the sunset down in the middle of the street by Bridgestone Arena. Some strangers wanted to join! Here's a quick before and after of the preset used for this session as well.

All social media for J Sixty coming soon! Feedback and sharing are always much appreciated :)

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