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Jenny From The Block // The Blocks of Wisconsin

Paige is not your average model by any means. She's the front woman of Nashville-local Visionary Artist Phenix. I know, "if she's a Nashville local, what about the title mentioning Wisconsin?". You'd never guess it, but this girl was born and raised in Wisconsin. With immense diversity in her music, fashion, and interests Paige is surprising at every turn. As Paige was about to to get the outfits ready more arrived in the mail!

Then of course, we had to use the net.

I'm endlessly torn between black and white and colored images. I much prefer black and white, but my rule on using it is if the color in the image doesn't contribute enough, get rid of it. Outfit #2: the Jenny From the Block suit. We made an entire loop around Nashville to find no location we really liked. Heading back into downtown, there was a street I knew we were coming close to that had a downhill view and the light was just about golden hour so it may look pretty cool. We gave it a shot. Mainly we used a fence with barbed wire around what looked to be some kind of auto lot.

Per tradition, an after and before image with the color changes:

For a photographer having a mild identity crisis, this was the best way to help get me out of it. Being able to have such a truly creative shoot versus a session with a shot list or schedule was so freeing. I'm looking forward to doing more shoots in this vein. Huge thanks to: Model: Paige / Phenix Jumpsuit and Matching Track Suit : Fashion Nova Locations: The Beautiful City of Nashville

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